Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Based on conversations and personal experiences
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let me be whole today as I hear your Music (exceptionally explained as uni educated, explanation higly based on my own education)

let me heal today as I hear your Music - Post scriptum. This word "Music" in the sentence above can be interpreted in many different ways You can litterally think of it as music (of the physical universe, or internal private and personal universe) or you can think of the words "your music" as inspiration, as if there was something greater than earthly life, greater than a (big)small human being, something outside or inside oneself, or one´s own soul! that one didnt have opportunity to listen to (which by the way is wordless communication) "your" can refer to f.e. love, the Holy Spirit or a loyal and important friend "as I hear your music" could mean that everything is working smoothly in an instant To be precise, The consept of I or me should include the soul, not leave the soul somehow foreign to oneself... So I should say that "your music" really means (the Source of) inspiration or flow that really belongs to the writer above (me). "let me heal" means let me be whole, let me be well. As you can see a multiexplanatory system is awailable both in poetry and in visual art, what the artist themselves actually mean is then a question, because the so called subconsious works in larger spheres than the daily educated consiousness, right here, right now, which means that an insightful artist is able to leave the question open for the viewer or reader or listener for the reader themselves to read in a current view on the situation. Thus the artist is triggering the (sub)consiousness of a viewer whether they are aware of it or not. This is a well known fact among educated (artists). It would be good for higly analythical or methaphorical people to be able to look at only the stuff they see, without making ANY interpretations at all. That is a way of relaxing the mind. Simly letting things be as they are. The fact is that an artist doesn´t neccessary have any underlying implications at all in their artwork. As we have had tv for many decades, almost everybody is educated to read different hints and clues in a manuscript. But that can be a dangerous path. A word of advice. !!------> Which means, that we basically don´t need to do anything at all about interpretation. Everybody just needs to balance their own behaviour to suit their own wellbeing. A positive view of life and possibility is possible.

My experience on glitter

Glitter is a remarkable thing
it is there
though I see it only
from the right angle

Thursday, March 4, 2010

slow down

There´s no rush
in general

on some occasions
we do however move a bit faster
might be surpricingly healthy
if neccessary
Nobody is unloving deliberately
the person is doing his or her best
(Might be from ACIM-related material.)
This day started in tears
may it end in laughter

(January 2010)
Everything has a timing